A secure platform for storing, managing access, automating, and auditing data

Iron CLI
Iron Secret Management Platform
  • Secure the delivery and management of API keys, credentials, SSH keys, .PEM files, SSL certificates, and configs

  • Automate repetitive tasks such as updating SSL certificates and key rotations

  • Quickly and easily implement    zero trust security into workflows

Secret Management is Challenging

Secrets for apps and systems need to be securely centralized to eliminate sprawl.

Manual processes of multiple clouds become cumbersome.

Ensuring only trusted sources have access to secrets is difficult. 

The Solution is IRON

IRON is an intuitive key vault and secrets management platform that protects secrets such as passwords, credentials, keys, certificates, and configurations with zero trust technology.


Whether you prefer to work within the GUI or CLI, IRON's GUI and CLI are always in sync so work is never lost and always available. 

What IRON Does

Eliminates secret and config sprawl through your network.

Easily manages secrets for multiple clouds.

Gives audit and control access to all of your secrets and services.

Seamlessly integrates with your existing systems.

How IRON Works

IRON encrypts your data ensuring the secured delivery to only those with the required privileges and decryption keys to keep your data protected.

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Install under 1 min on Windows, Mac, or Linux

Use Cases

Global Delivery

Even amongst the myriad of configuration tools available in today's market, IRON distinguishes itself in being truly global.  Whether it be cloud-services, development/programming environments, or IoT devices, IRON is the one-stop shop for secure configuration delivery.

Reducing Sprawl

For sensitive information that is both mutable and shared, it's very easy to lose track of who has access to it and to its true value.   With IRON's policy and secret systems, both issues have been solved.  Policies allow fine-grained access control while secrets provide a canonical view of each datum's history.

Secure Device Management & Control

We believe that IoT represents the next evolution in software systems - the service and deployment portion of the IRON toolset can be especially beneficial here.  Its asynchronous (and idempotent) design allows for devices with limited connectivity to check in at arbitrary intervals, receive their instructions and then move to the declared state.

IRON Features

Simple Access Controls

IRON gives you complete control to grant or revoke access to secrets and config across your infrastructure. Manage permissions easily with a couple of clicks. 

End-to-End Encryption

Sharing over insecure channels can invite unwanted data breaches. IRON is designed to encrypt your data from end-to-end to ensure no one, including IRON services, ever have access to your sensitive data.

Secure Distribution

IRON gives you a secure environment to distribute and share your data with only the trusted sources you designate. Data can only be decrypted by the verified recipient or machine. 

Central Environment

IRON centrally manages and enforces access to secrets and systems based on trusted sources of application and user identity.

Task Automation

Eliminate the time it takes doing mundane tasks like key rotations with IRON's automation capabilities. Get more accomplished in less time by letting IRON reduce your workload through automated tasks. 

Synchronized GUI & CLI

An operator's dream tool. IRON gives you the control to work within the environment you prefer. Whether you prefer to work in the GUI or CLI, your work is always synchronized and highly available.

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