Ops For Humans

The evolution of DevOps has been to make systems easier to use by other systems. We've taken a fundamentally different approach by making systems easy to use by humans. Powered by the Iron (Fe) protocol and  ecosystem,  Tether gives you a secure and completely private environment to orchestrate, configure, and monitor all of your devices. 

It leverages the power of zero-knowledge, identity management, multi-cloud management, secret management and distributed process controls into a secure and easy to use operations platform. It will become your clouds’ universal remote - allowing you to securely access your network on-site or remotely.


Your Secure Repository

File storage should be easy and secure. Locker gives you a zero-knowledge file repository that works for files of any type. Store secrets, share config, or stream data straight into Locker with one simple command! Simplify your life with Locker's hassle free solutions. 



Zero-Trust Security

The Iron (Fe) platform is driven by our proprietary, zero-trust identity management and secret sharing protocol - giving you true end-to-end encryption.  No one, not even us, will ever have access to your data. Combined with an intuitive, team-centric security model and easy-to-use access controls, the Iron protocol gives everyone the power of true security!

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